Behavioral Solutions Inc.

Behavioral Psychology Services for Individuals with Neuro-Behavioral Challenges

Dr. Lee has specialized in Behavioral Psychology (integrating Clinical Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis) for more than 30 years. He and his team work specifically with individuals who have neurologically-based diagnoses such as, Autism, Brain Injury, Dementia, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, or Intellectual Disabilities who exhibit significant behavioral and learning challenges. Our services are based on the most up-to-date Behavior Analytic and Clinical Psychology research and practices. If you feel that the issues you are dealing with deserve the best that Clinical Psychology and Behavior Analysis has to offer please feel free to contact us.

While a person may have a range of disabilities or diagnoses we feel that all individuals can continue to improve in the ways they interact with their current circumstances by focusing on the factors that are impacting their current behavior and hindering any new learning.  We look at all the presenting problems we see as opportunities for learning.

Our early intervention work with young children with Autism and related disorders especially focuses on helping the children become good learners regardless of what specific skills and tasks are being work on.  The better learners the children become the more independent they will be over time.

Our work with older children through to adults typically is aimed at functional skill development so the child or adult is best able to manage and grow within their current home, school, community or work environment.  As part of our work we also routine become involved in discussions regarding person program plans, whether these be IEP, IPP, Individual health care plans or other life style plans.

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